Audiovisual Department


  • listening on the spot
  • sound recordings on CD, MC, LP for loan
  • films on VHS or DVD for loan
  • books about music for loan and consultation
  • collection of sheet music
  • archives and current issues of music periodicals for consultation
  • photocopies
  • reservation


  • music-related books;
  • journals;
  • sheet music
  • LPs, MCs, CDs
  • VHS, DVD

Music enthusiasts of different styles may find classical and popular musical trends, jazz and traditional folk recordings, as well as literary adaptations in our collection.

As for videos, we offer movie classics, musical and children's films, educational films and travel adventures.

We have an ever growing collection of DVDs.

From a Music Room to the Media Library

In the summer of 1974. – on the occasion of the Book Week – Árpád Balázs, composer opened the Music Room of the county library, which was very popular among young people. Besides listening to music and lending discs, this special collection provided a series of events as well.

Live music had always been attractive to the public. The Classical Music Club, hosted by Hotel Pelikán, used to have illustrious guests such as Előd Juhász, Sándor Szokolay, Emil Petrovics. Later the series of events called the Garden of Old Music, the Composer and his Audience and the Music Historian and his Audience were awaiting the music lovers of Szolnok.

In 1991 the Music Department moved above the Children’s Department in the building of the Workers’ Militia (Tisza Antal str.), where new types of documents, VHS and CDs were added to its collection.

Since 1997, the music collection has been located on the 1st floor (Arts), in a sepatare space.

For further information please call +36 56 510-110/31